Five teenagers called the girl with developmental disabilities in the campaign, tied, shot in the head and thrown into the river

Anchorage police have arrested four teenagers and one adult in connection with the death of 19-year-old Cynthia Hoffman. The girl was shot and thrown into the river by the waterfall Thunderbird 2 June.

Denali Bremer, 18 years, accused of killing his girlfriend, Cynthia, with the help of Caleb Leyland, 19, Kaidan Mac, 16, and two teenagers, whose names are now not known. Police believe they planned the murder in advance.

Teenagers called Cynthia, whose mental development corresponds to the level of seventh graders on a hike on a popular tourist route. According to the father of the deceased girl, Cynthia met with Bremer in high school and considered her his best friend.

Caleb Leyland admitted to the police that they five of them in advance conspired to kill Cynthia at the waterfall. He gave for that purpose, the Mac and Bremer his car.

Anchorage police have arrested more suspects in the killing of 19-year-old Cynthia Hoffman at Thunderbird Falls

— Anchorage Daily News (@adndotcom) June 10, 2019

The river Bremer and McIntosh tied feet Cynthia with adhesive tape, then one of them shot a girl in the head. Bremer claims that it was a Mac. That, in turn, says that the original idea to kill the girl belonged to Bremer — so and shot it. Readings Bremer confirms Leland, who said that Bremer and Mac came to him by night, and said that McIntosh shot and killed Hoffman.

Then they dumped the body into the river and burned the belongings of the girl. They used the victim’s cell phone to send messages to family: making them think that the girl is all right, and she’s in a completely different place. Cynthia found 4 days later in the river Atlanta.

First, adolescents adhered to the legends, claiming that going to tie each other up and be photographed at the waterfall. But Cynthia allegedly panicked and then McIntosh shot her, and his body thrown into the river.

The motives of adolescents are not exactly known. Based on the messages in social networks, relatives of Cynthia suggested that this murder out of jealousy. The police did not confirm this version.

Bremer, who has a child, said in court that she understands what «was wrong, and now she wouldn’t have done that.» She added that she doesn’t want to be «the daughter believed her mother’s killer, because I’m not considering himself so.»