A man from California bravely rushed to rescue his dog from the clutches of Mama bear

A small bear wandered into the backyard of a California home near Los Angeles to the Sierra Madre. Pooch that guarded this territory, ran after him, with the couple was followed by mother bear.

When I saw the dog next to his kid, the bear attacked the dog. 50-year-old owner of the dog tried to protect his pet and hit the predator’s leg. In response, the bear scratched his Shin and bit his knee.

The police received a signal about the person who was bitten by a bear. Him with the dog was taken to the hospital. Doctors say that they will be fine — as with bears.

The staff of the wildlife Department in California had to be sedated and the mother and her baby. Sleeping family loaded into the pickup and drove away. They’re going to be fine.

The house in which wandered the bear, is just a few blocks from the trail to mount Wilson and about a half mile from the forest. The emergence of bears in the vicinity of the San Gabriel is not uncommon.