Bee hell: on the road overturned truck which was carrying more than 130 million bees

I’m afraid of bee stings? Then rejoice that you do not accidentally yesterday were about the same town in Montana.

An accident with a truck near Bozeman (Montana) no one was injured traffic participants, but the city and surrounding area suddenly began to threaten another danger.

The fact that the truck that flew off the road yesterday, June 10, transported more than 40 thousand pounds of bees (more than 18 thousand kg)!

The local beekeeper said channel KBZK that 40,000 pounds of bees equals approximately 133 million melliferous insects.

The truck overturned at the intersection of Gooch Hill Road and Durston Road in Bozeman – these streets soon closed for some time.

Bee hell: on the road overturned truck which was carrying more than 130 million beesPhoto: KBZK

On a scene immediately left pozharno team, the assistant Sheriff of Gallatin County and Montana highway patrol.

According to law enforcement officers in the truck had two drivers, they were heading from California to North Dakota, transporting bees.

As noted by the assistant chief of the local fire protection Brian Nicholas, this situation for his team was unique because firefighters had to use all their equipment to protect themselves from bites.

«We had to eliminate the fuel leak in the truck. Has taken all possible precautions to ensure the safety of the boys. We used a full fire equipment, including breathing apparatus, to minimize the risk of bites,» said Nicholas.

In the accident nobody suffered, but is now back to catch at least part of the bees is still unknown.