Resident of Florida tried to prove to police that the cocaine in his nose not his (photo)

The guy from Florida was arrested after police stopped him and saw his nose the cocaine.

The incident occurred on Sunday, June 9, at about 4.30 am local time in Tampa (Florida).

Assistants to the Sheriff of the County of Hillsborough, and stopped to check the car. When law enforcement officers approached the car, one of them noticed that the passenger on the nose — a white powdery substance.

The passenger was 20-year-old Fabricio Tueros Jimenez.

Resident of Florida tried to prove to police that the cocaine in his nose not his (photo)Photo: Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

According to police, visually resembled powder cocaine, they took a picture before taking a sample for analysis. And further analysis showed that the police were right on the nose guy was indeed cocaine.

«Jimenez was arrested he did not resist, but tried to say that cocaine on your nose — not his,» — said in the office of the Sheriff of the County of Hillsborough.

During a search of the car, law enforcement officers also found a backpack with 250 grams of marijuana, 13 pills of xanax and a small bag of cocaine.

In addition to charges of drug possession, Jimenez was also charged with violation of parole. Last year he was arrested for possession of cocaine, cannabis and accessories for drug use.

Tampa, a city that stretches along the Florida coast, has a crime rate much higher than the national average in all American communities.

According to Neighborhood Scout, 57% of communities, Florida’s crime rate is lower than in Tampa.

In Tampa with a population of 385 thousand people each resident has one chance to 43rd becoming a victim of violent or property crimes.