Suspect arrested holding the neighbor in the basement on a chain

Police officers located the 25-year-old suspect, who was allegedly kept in his basement a woman, bound by a chain.

The police of the city of Niagara falls in new York tracked down 25-year-old Michael Tishkevich who allegedly stole a woman, one of his neighbors from her house at 1:30 a.m. Sunday.

According to the police, the man helped the woman to mow grass and remove snow in the winter, but police do not believe that between them was some kind of romantic attachment.

On Sunday, he supposedly appeared at her house and knocked on the door, holding a rifle.

The woman said he then dragged her through the alley to his own house and placed in the basement.

NF BREAKING CRIME NEWS: Michael Ciskiewic, who was accused of chaining a woman in a basement on Monroe Avenue, beating and repeatedly raping her, has been captured by law enforcement. Police would like to thank the public for assisting them throughout the manhunt.

— The Niagara Reporter (@reporterniagara) June 10, 2019

Later on Sunday to the victim’s house called the police. Officers received information about a crime, but the house was empty. They found a broken window and blood, and then were forced to leave the scene of the alleged crime.

When after a few hours the woman’s family reported her disappearance, police officers have caused cynologists with dogs. They tracked the blood trail to the house of Tsishkevich and found the victim in the basement.

It is reported that she stayed there for 13 hours and was chained to it.

She was diagnosed with injuries that do not threaten her life. She is in the hospital, where she assists after suffering a trauma.

When the house was broken into by the police, she told them that Tsishkevich is inside. Then began a 12-hour game of cat-and-mouse when the suspect called officers, stating that he is inside the house, he is in a different place.

Police found Michael Tishkevich around 19:00. The suspect, father of 2 children, charged with kidnapping and rape. Michael Tishkevich must appear before the court on Tuesday.