American Safari Park two giraffe killed by lightning

In Florida in the Safari Park from the impact of lightning killed two female giraffes.

On Tuesday, June 11, representatives of Lion Country Safari.

The bodies of 10-year-old Lily and one-year-old jirovichi of Gioni was discovered by the Park staff after the area is swept a violent storm.

The medical report showed that cause instant death of animals was lightning.

Lion Country Safari opened in 1967, it is a Safari Park in the County of palm beach. Here, in a 300-acre reserve is more than 900 animals.

Haley Passer, a Park spokesman, said that they have a detection system for lightning, which will automatically open a shelter for animals when approaching storms.

«We always provide them with shelter, noted Passer channel WPTV. The animals decide to go there, but unfortunately, that day the giraffes just wouldn’t».

According to Ron Magilla, representative of the Miami zoo, animals in cages during storms can be more dangerous – animals can beat on the walls and injure themselves, and the cases falling into the animal zipper still extremely rare.

In Florida over the past 50 years, there were more than 2,000 injuries related to lightning strikes. In 2018 a staff of 20 people died from lightning.

Hundreds of people in Facebook on the page of the Safari Park have expressed their condolences at the death of the giraffes.

We are deeply saddened rated to share the passing of two of our giraffe due to a lightning strike. Lily and Jioni were in the…

Posted by Lion Country Safari on Tuesday, June 11, 2019

«We continue to mourn our two incredibly cute and charismatic giraffes; they’ll be sorely missed», — stated in the message of the Park.