The teenager threw the child to the ground in front of his mother and tried to pull out the Parking sign from an overdose mixed with marijuana

After the shocking event in Edmond (Oklahoma) law enforcement agencies across the state find dealers that sell dangerous marijuana mixed with other drugs.

Surveillance cameras recorded as 17-year-old beat a moving car in the Parking lot of the supermarket Crest, and then went up to her mother pushing the cart, got the car seat, where he sat a child, and threw him on the sidewalk. After that, the boy tried to snatch a Parking sign with my bare hands.

After the suspect allegedly «demonstrated their genitals» and «scared people», he undressed and ran in a neighboring district. After his arrest, the teenager said that smoked marijuana.

A 17-year-old says he was under the influence of laced marijuana after he was caught on camera slamming a white baby restrained in a car seat to the ground in the parking lot of a grocery store in Edmond, Oklahoma

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) June 14, 2019

Bureau of narcotics in Oklahoma, claims that marijuana is now much stronger than before. In addition, a growing number of people who soaked cannabis with PCP (PCP) or acid.

«This is a very unpredictable drug, said mark Woodward of the Bureau of narcotics. — It can cause very intense hallucinations. It can cause paralysis of pain centers in the brain, so they often do not feel pain.»

The police asks to help to find out who distributes the drug, before anyone else gets hurt.

A similar incident occurred less than a month in the same Edmund. Then a teenager named Isaiah Lewis received a gunshot wound after trying to escape from the police.

According to police, toxicology reports were not released so they cannot say whether these two incidents.