A resident of new York became the seventh American woman, mysteriously lost on vacation in the Dominican Republic

Monday, June 10, 53-year-old Leila Cox from Staten island found dead. A woman’s body while on vacation in the Dominican Republic on June 5 and that’s going to go home, found the hotel where she was staying in her own room, just a day after Leila celebrated a birthday.

The U.S. Embassy in Santo Domingo said the woman’s son, William, that he died of a heart attack — but, after the news about the 6 other Americans killed in Dominican resorts, it is not so easy to believe. According to men, the local government still has not provided the family the Cox report on the autopsy not conducted a Toxicological examination, stating that the necessary test equipment as promised. Besides, — adds William — his mother was in good health.

«I have every right not to trust them». emphasizes William.

The man admits that strongly discouraged the mother to go to the Dominican Republic after he learned about the mysterious incidents at the resorts, but she was adamant. William is sure that if not her chosen destination, Layla would still be alive.

Shortly before the tragedy, the woman talked with her son on the phone. There were no signs of trouble.

«I called her on Sunday and wished him a happy birthday — he recalls — said that you love her.»

A resident of new York became the seventh American woman, mysteriously lost on vacation in the Dominican RepublicLeila Cox. Facebook

Most now William wants to understand what had happened — but he’s not sure he can.

«We need to get her body back in the United States and we conducted our own private autopsy with Toxicological expertise, says Cox, but, alas, it will cost a fortune and I simply can’t afford it. <…> In fact I’m at an impasse.»

At the moment it is not known whether Leila stayed at a hotel in the same network which was used by the rest of the dead. Resort name is also not specified.

Although so far the authorities of the Dominican Republic claimed that the tragic death of American tourists have nothing to do, experts from the United States tend to disagree with them. According to sources the New York Post in law enforcement bodies, all seven travelers could be poisoned with counterfeit alcohol: now, the American authorities find out who did supply, and hope to test drinks for the presence of hazardous chemicals. One of the sources also reported that the FBI plans to take blood samples of the deceased and send it to your research center in Virginia.

In his interview with the Post, a Professor of forensic medicine Lawrence Kobilinsky noted that the symptoms observed at least 4 of the victims — including nausea, vomiting and diarrhea — may give rise to further thoughts about methanol poisoning or pesticides.

«Judging from what I’ve seen and read, he said — the drinks in the fridge added those».