In the US 18-year-old girl killed by lightning in the Park

Yesterday afternoon, 13 June, the tragedy occurred at Mammoth Park in Mt. Pleasant Township (Pennsylvania).

There from a lightning strike killed a young couple – 18 year old boy and girl of the same age. Brendan McGowan and Caitlin Rosenstiel was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to Westmoreland County coroner Kenneth Bacha, witnesses heard a loud Bang and saw an incredibly bright flash of light in the area where the couple was fishing.

It is known that the couple was on the Peninsula, which «bumps» in the Park lake near the spillway.

According to the coroner, the witnesses, hearing the sound of lightning, immediately rushed to the scene, where under a large tree split and found the bodies of a young couple. The arrived physicians needed to verify death.

«The storm, which took place in the County of Westmoreland at the time, was not very strong, but still with the lightning,» he told local media Matthew Kramer, a meteorologist from the office of the National weather service in moon township. Thunderstorms in the region ended in the evening.

The national weather service earlier reported two fatal lightning strikes in the United States since the beginning of the year.

So, on may 3, a man was killed by lightning camping in Texas, and in early June, lightning struck in the helmet of a motorcyclist on highway in Florida – the man died.

The last deadly lightning strike in Pennsylvania occurred on August 13, 2016, then killed a 39-year-old man, floating in the lake.

Last year in the US there were at least 20 cases of deaths from lightning. A sad rating of those tragedies led the FL, on the second place Texas.