Police rescued the young man from suicide with a hug (video)

A police officer from Arizona recently showed how compassion can save someone’s life.

Police in Chandler on Wednesday posted video of the incident that occurred in March, during which 26-year-old young man climbed up on the railing of a pedestrian bridge over highway 101 Highway in the South-West of Phoenix.

The man leaned over the security fence with the apparent intention to jump.

However, in the video, filmed wearable camera, police officer Aaron little talking to a man, urging him to back down from the railing. During the incident, the police officer remained perfectly quiet, and promised the young man anything except to hug. He tried to grab the kid or intercept his attempt fall, and chose a completely different way to handle the situation.

«I’m gonna hug you, man. I do not care. I just want to talk to you. I swear»,- asks the little guy in this video.

Amazingly, the officer eventually managed to convince the man to come down from the bridge and really hug it out with the police.

Little said: «come on, go put your arm around me. I won’t do it.»

Then during the embrace the camera slightly turned, but heard the young man cried.

The expert from Empact Suicide Prevention Center told FOX10 that the key to stress relief during a difficult situation was calm, everyday voice and behavior of a police officer, and his compassion.

«The ability to empathize and not judge, to be quiet and the fact that the officer didn’t seem was shocked, what did this young man, and that he kept a distance between them,» Erica chestnut Ramirez, Director of the centre for suicide prevention Empact Suicide Prevention Center FOX10 listed a number of things the officer did right.