The man held a choke for 70-year-old roommate after a dispute over a soul

Florida resident Byron Cristianos was arrested Tuesday for what allegedly held a choke hold on his 70-year-old roommate.

A man from Florida came into the fight with his 70-year-old neighbor on housing on Tuesday after he scolded him for too long and frequent stays in the shower.

As told by the assistants to the Sheriff of the County of Pasco, Byron Cristianos from new Port Richey, Florida, was arrested for assaulting a man over 65 years of age, when heated altercation resulted in a physical assault, and the man held the elderly man is extremely dangerous choke.

According to the police report, the elderly man told the roommate not to go swimming «because he so many times was taking a shower». Sheriff’s deputies say that when 70-year-old man, whose name was not called, were in the grip of Christianaudio, Byron allegedly began to tear the victim’s face with your nails, resulting in lacerations.

As reported by television station WTVT, Byron Christianaudio (48 years old) admitted that he had spent on the elderly threat, but told the deputies that he felt scared and was just defending himself.

It is reported that the suspect lived at the victim, shooting him a room.

He was put in prison, and the Deposit is $5000, as reported by the Miami Herald.

It is noted that the man was not the first time gets in trouble. As Buster wrote, in 2015 he was arrested for lewd conduct on the beach of Florida. A policeman who noticed his lewd behavior, wrote in a report that Byron Cristianos «watching a grown woman and a little girl walking along the water’s edge on the beach.» On the question of the police officer, who demanded that men give Christianaudio gave this answer: «My girlfriend is out of town and I miss her».