Teenager shot dead in front of his father, when he met online buyers of its Xbox

16-year-old johnny Peluyera from Gary (Indiana) received a fatal gunshot wound on Thursday, June 13, when he tried to sell his Xbox.

The teenager agreed to meet with the buyers through the website, online sales. Johnny along with the father, who was left to wait in the car, met two men near 51st and Maryland streets.

According to the father of the boy, he felt something wrong. The man noticed the gun and tried to warn his son, but one of the men shot the teenager in the back when he tried to run to the car.

The mother of a dead guy Kelly Arroyo could not believe that her son is gone. According to the woman, he was a great kid who loved video games and cars. He recently acquired the rights and was going to buy race car Trans Am.

«I can’t understand it, says grief-stricken mother. — I don’t understand how someone from Xbox can take away someone’s life.»

According to the description of the father, men were African American, were both approximately 20 years. Police believe the men live in the area where the murder occurred, so I ask the public to help in catching them.