«I was just doing my job»: a patrol for two hours, saved the lives of six people

When patrolman Aaron Franklyn of Massillon (Ohio) started my shift on Monday morning, he did not expect to become a hero just a few hours later.

It’s only been a hour since the beginning of the shift, when patrol received a call that five teenagers fell into the water, some of them got stuck in the culvert, which carries water SIPPO Creek to the river Tuscarawas.

Arriving at the scene, the patrol saw in the water with a very fast for the two boys. Three more were in the tunnel – culvert – and was already losing his strength, barely holding on to the slippery wall.

«At such moments, I think a fraction of a second and immediately begin to act,» said patrol edition of the Akron Beacon Journal.

He managed, clinging to the tree to get the two boys to call for help – the fire brigade, who brought a life preserver with a rope. In the end, Franklin got to the guys in the pipe. None of the Teens were not injured.

«I was just doing my job»: a patrol for two hours, saved the lives of six peoplePhoto: INDIEONLINE.COM

Less than an hour, Aaron Franklin was summoned to the highway, where in the middle of the road the driver fell with his head on the steering wheel.

«I ran out of the car, pulled him out. He had a weak pulse, but he wasn’t breathing. I asked the witnesses to bring the narcan out of my car».

Note that narcan is used as an antidote in overdoses of opioids.

The officer took a shot and conducted CPR until the driver began to breathe normally. Arriving paramedics took the victim to the hospital.

Aaron Franklin insists that he’s no hero, he was just doing his job.

«Every day we don’t know what awaits us. But I’m sure any of my colleagues in any police Department would have done the same as I,» said the patrol.