Man caught asleep while driving on the highway cars in a rush hour

Motorists in California were shocked when they saw the man allegedly asleep at the wheel of his car on the highway during rush hour.

This video shows machine which rides on the highway in the San Francisco Bay Area. White car Tesla is moving at the same speed, while the male driver looks asleep and his head turned towards the window on the passenger side.

In cars, Tesla has the autopilot feature, which can support the movement of the machine at a suitable speed compared to other cars on the road and keep the car in the lane. But the guidance also requires that the driver could take control of the car in seconds.

The person who filmed this frightful scene, said: «I can’t believe it… sleeping at rush hour on Friday in the Bay Area, where so many machines.»

Social media users who watched the clip, he asked, did the man who shot video of the incident, to Wake the driver, posignalil him. To which he replied: «We honked several times. It worked, but he fell asleep again».

Despite the fact that Tesla cars can drive on autopilot, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the car can not boast the ability to operate entirely without a driver until the end of this year.

Speaking of the machines of the future, he said: «the Car will be able to find you in the Parking lot to pick you up and take you to the destination without hesitation this year. I can say that I am confident in this.»

While unmanned vehicles can prevent accidents, less developed version of the autopilot played a big role in the deadly incident of 2016, according to the US National Transportation Safety Board.

But concerning the possibility to sleep at the wheel, Musk said that their autopilot is not calculated for it until 2020. «My guess as to when it’s safe to fall asleep and Wake up at the destination? Probably by the end of next year,» Musk said. «Then I think it will be quite safe.»