The man gave his life the day before father’s Day, rescuing a drowning 3-year-old son

On Saturday evening killed the man who saved their own 3-year-old son allegedly fell from a bridge into the water at Detroit lakes in Minnesota.

The man gave his life the day before father’s Day that his young son could live. As described in the County Sheriff’s office Becker police officers reported a possible drowning on the bridge Long Bridge in Dead Shot Bay. When they arrived at the scene, they were informed that the bridge fell into the water a little boy.

After that, the water jumped the baby’s father to help son. Police said that the father became difficult to stay in the water and to keep the child above water. Witnesses to the accident jumped into the water and pulled the child ashore, and the man never managed to swim ashore.

Police began to search for the men and eventually found it at 21:07, approximately 45 minutes after he jumped into the water. He was immediately taken to hospital, where doctors later pronounced him dead.

Sunday night, investigators called the name of the deceased. It was them 31-year-old Christopher Franklin Nicholas Schultz.

«As a father you should do everything possible to save the child,» said local resident bill Wickam. Wickam, who lives in Detroit lakes, said that the place where the child fell, really very dangerous. «There is quite deep. On the one hand there is a strong current, but near to the place where you can touch the bottom. A few hand movements, you can get to the bottom».

Wickam added that the father gave everything to save the child. «He sacrificed for the son to all, and I hope that the boy will grow up to be a worthy man, because the greatest sacrifice you can not imagine. It’s a sad, sad story».

It is noted that the child received medical care after falling into the water and now he will be fine.