A man faked a heart attack while his accomplice robbed the store

The police reported that the man faked heart attack in a convenience store, while his accomplice jumped over the counter to steal cash from the register.

Police Malden is a city in middlesex County, Massachusetts – said on his page on the social network Facebook that they responded to a call of a convenience store on Sunday afternoon, when they reported that the theft occurred.

The police said that 2 men entered the store together. A witness told officers that one of them «faked a heart attack», while the other quickly grabbed cash from the register. Interestingly, the second suspect, who was standing near the cash register, initially as if he wanted to pay for the purchase and have given the money to the seller as suddenly jumped over the counter, pushed the store employee and started to take money from the cash register.

After that, both suspects fled. At the moment the police are trying to establish their whereabouts.

The police said that besides the fact that both men apparently responsible for the theft, they also want to make sure that the «doctors examined the suspect after a heart attack.»

The video shows that two suspects — young people who did not make special efforts to hide their appearance. One of the suspect who jumped over the counter and pushed past the seller took possession of the cash from the cash register, was dressed in grey jeans, a sweatshirt, hat and black scarf with bright yellow print. Gloves the suspect was not, and the police will probably be able to find his fingerprints. The second man was pants and a sweater.

Officers posted in the social network video surveillance and photographs of the suspects, hoping that members of the public will help identify them.