Exploding electronic cigarette broke teen from USA jaw and knocked out teeth

17-year-old Austin Adams from Ely (NV) tried to quit Smoking, and mother bought him a vaping device from the company VGOD to mitigate the consequences of non tobacco. However, the fight against harmful habit took a very nasty turn when an electronic cigarette exploded right at the guy in the mouth.

The explosion broke the teenager’s jaw and broke his teeth. After 5 hours, it managed to deliver to a nearby Ali hospital in salt lake city. Adams claims that he did not understand how it happened: he did everything as usual and enjoyed the vaping is not the first time.

On CT scan, the doctors found fractured and displaced mandible fracture with rupture of the left Central and lateral incisors. According to records, the patient had surgery with internal fixation of a fracture, extraction of teeth and dead tissue. After 6 weeks the boy was discharged.

Exploding electronic cigarette broke teen from USA jaw and knocked out teethnejm.org. According to the teenager, he does not understand how it happened — he did the same as always, and enjoyed vaping for the first time.

Journal New England Medical Journal decided to tell this story to warn Teens about the danger to the growing popularity of vaping.

The case Austin is not the first, when e-cigarette enthusiasts get hurt. A study conducted by the medical journal BMJ, showed that from 2015 to 2017 it was 2035 wapow explosions and burns. The cause is usually overheating of the battery of electronic cigarettes.

Doctors concerned about the growing number of injuries — especially considering that the popularity of wapow among American students is incredible. According to Management on control of products and drugs in 2018 electronic cigarettes used for about 3.6 million middle and high school. During the year the use of wapow increased by 78 percent among high school students.

Doctors warn that not all incidents of vaping, over recovery. In January, 24-year-old boy from Texas died after e-cigarette exploded in his mouth, and a year ago a Florida man died in a fire and another explosion.

Matthew Rossheim from the Department of public health George Mason University says that the statistics on injuries from wapow is likely understated. In addition, says Mason, the effects of trauma can be very serious: people lose up to 8 teeth, get eye damage, lose parts of the face or palate.

The FDA has updated the guide for manufacturers of electronic cigarettes so as to increase device reliability and reduce the likelihood of the battery overheating.