The man was able to survive after spending 5 days without food, water, and a collapsed lung after his car went off the road into the woods

Last week after a date with his bride-to-be 32-year-old Jose Velasquez of Houston (Texas) went missing.

Five days later found him in the forest, where the car Velazquez went off the road. The man was unable to call for help and spent 5 days without food, water, and a collapsed lung, but is now recovering in the hospital.

The bride of Velasquez, Chanel Nelson, told KTRK channel that they were in the evening in the bar. The next day, Jose did not come to work, colleagues called his parents to men who, in turn, got in touch with Chanel, but she had no idea where the missing groom. Then relatives called the police.

According to militiamen, the Honda Accord went off the road near highway 242 in Montgomery County.

Can you believe a man not only survived this crash but also survived five days stuck in his wrecked car? Last Tuesday…

Posted by Sally MacDonald FOX 26 on Monday, July 1, 2019

To search joined volunteers from Texas EquuSearchwho, combing a wooded area along the road and noticed a white bumper car Velazquez. The man was thrown from the car, he was next to me. When Jose Velasquez was found, since the accident it’s been five days.

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«I don’t know how he survived such an accident, the car was just totaled. But he has survived and endured so much time without water injury to easy… That’s why we’re looking for. We believe in miracles, and today a miracle happened,» said the searcher Tim Miller of Texas EquuSearch.

According to volunteers-search engines, machine Velasquez so far away «flew» into the woods, off the road that it could see no driver.

According to medics, the injuries are serious men, but he’ll recover.

«He was even laughing and joking, and it is certainly a good sign,» said Tony Velasquez, a cousin of Jose.