The drone helped my father to see the shark coming right for his kids while they are splashing in the water

Dad took photos of the shark approaching his children on the beach last week while making your drone.

Dan Watson said: «the Children were playing on the beach, New Smyrna Beach, and I thought, «But this is the best time to make a picture of them from the height of bird flight.» Literally at the same moment as I raised the drone in the air, I noticed a shadow moving through the water directly upon them.»

Watson said that he ran to his wife and told her to bring the children to get out of the water.

Sally Watson told News 13: «I immediately got the kids out of the water. When they were almost on the shore, the husband held out to me a drone and I saw a shark swam directly to my children.»

Florida dad spots shark lurking near kids while taking beach photos with drone

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She added: «When you think about sharks, mentally associate them with depth, can’t imagine them so close, and I don’t think they will swim in the water knee deep… it’s awful to see it coming so close to my children.»

On photos taken using a drone, shows how a family runs out of water. When they returned from the beach, Watson spoke about the incident to Instagram. He added: «you See that shadow moving to the shore and those people? This is what I saw thanks to your drone… and Yes, 3 of those people – my children! Definitely too close for pleasant meetings! I think now the drone will always accompany me on the beach!»

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A Photographer Using a Drone Spots the Shark Approaching His Family

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The Florida Museum of natural history reports about 130 shark attacks, noting that «around the world in 2018 year, there were 66 confirmed, unprovoked cases, which is lower than the average annual figure (84 incidents) within the last 5 years.»

«This year there were 5 deaths, 4 of which were unprovoked. These figures correspond to the world annual indicators – 6 deaths per year».

In the United States reported the maximum number of unprovoked attacks with 32 confirmed cases in 2018.