«It happened in broad daylight»: the new Yorker says she was raped and thrown from balcony during vacation in the Dominican Republic

A resident of Staten island (new York) said that she was raped and thrown off a balcony on the second floor of the hotel Ocean Blue and Sand during a holiday in the resort of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic.

According to the woman, who preferred to remain anonymous, the attack occurred in June. She rested at the pool bar when she hooked a man with a woman suggesting to have a cocktail. The pair claimed that also stayed at Ocean Blue and Sand.

The victim quickly realized that something was wrong: her suddenly feel sick, and to navigate in space with every minute became more difficult. Now the woman is sure that her drink was drugged.

«My eyes were blurred, she remembers — his ears were buzzing, and then everything seems to start to fade».

The victim tried to return to the local lounge to his chair, but one of the new friends — 28-year — old man grabbed her. Because of the drugs the woman is not found in themselves the strength to resist, nor to speak.

«I remember me took in one of the rooms. — the victim tells. — Remember, how pulled out her jeans, I remember fear, I remember how cried.»

Events soon took a more macabre turn: in the hotel called the police, seeing as she falls from the balcony on the second floor. Later, after the arrest of the pair, one of the suspects admitted that she pushed a woman — allegedly because she caught in the room with her boyfriend.

The victim was hospitalized with spinal cord injuries, bruises, internal injuries and a deep wound on his arm. However, she says, local doctors refused to perform the examination, to determine whether sexual violence: this woman had to go directly to the police station.

Couple arrested, charged in rape, attempted murder, assault and robbery. However, soon both suspects were released after posting bail of $1000 per person. About the same amount the victim spent on lawyers.

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The judge said that he had appointed a small table bail because the victim was not at the hearing — although she received official permission to travel to the States for treatment. Now the lawyers are women trying to challenge the decision.

«It’s a different country with different rules. explains the victim — They don’t care. Even if I died falling from that balcony, they would not care about <…> They caught the perpetrators, and then just let go. How is this possible? That’s what infuriates me the most: I know who did it, but they can still remain at large.»

She hopes that what happened to her will serve as a warning to other tourists.

«We go to rest and from time to time lose vigilance. — she said — of Course, we’re just trying to relax, but remember: you can not lose vigilance. <…> You can get into trouble at any time. I was attacked not by night but in broad daylight. Around full of dangers and close always be the one who plotted evil».

The incident occurred two months after the 51-year-old Tammy Lawrence-Daley from Delaware said on his Facebook page that he assaulted an unknown man during a vacation at the Majestic Elegance in Punta Cana in January. According to Lawrence Daley, the beating lasted several hours — and survived it only by a miracle.

2016 13 Americans killed in the Dominican Republic under suspicious circumstances. In that time, the American experts suggest that some of the deaths could be associated with counterfeit alcohol, the authorities of the Dominican Republic categorically deny these claims, arguing that death in no way connected with each other, and all this is just an attempt to undermine the tourism business of the country.