Three-year-old boy died after spending a few hours in a hot car because the father forgot to take him to kindergarten

University Professor Andrew dill early in the morning forgot the three-year Oliver Dilla in the car on campus. Several hours later, the father found the lifeless body of a child in a hot car.

Dill had to take Oliver to the children’s garden at the University of southern Indiana, but forgot to do it. When he was about to pick up my son, I realized that the baby remained in the car.

Three-year-old boy died after spending a few hours in a hot car because the father forgot to take him to kindergartenUSI. Dill remembered the child, when it came time to pick him up from kindergarten and realized that all the time spent in the car.

Finding the son in a hot car, Andrew immediately called 911. The temperature in the car was more than 40C. Arrived around 13.45 the police tried to save the life of Oliver, but unfortunately, it was too late. Their efforts have not borne any fruit and the boy died at the scene.

Kindergarten, which are mainly the children of staff, faculty and students, was temporarily closed. The management apologized for the inconvenience and asked me to be understanding.

The University has already released an official statement.

«As a parent and head of the University of southern Indiana it is with great regret to report the tragic death of a little boy left in a parked car on campus. — I wrote to the rector of the USI Ronald Roshan— We cooperate with the County Sheriff’s office of Vandenberg, helping in their investigation, and give the security Service the USI for a quick response, and excellent staff Kids training center who provided their assistance.»

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He also expressed condolences on behalf of the University to the parents of the deceased baby: «Our deepest condolences to the family of a small child. No parent should have to face such a loss. If you have a child, please hug him tight and remember, expert advice is available if you need someone to talk to.»

County Sheriff Vandenberg wedding said that currently arrests have been made, the case file will be transmitted for final review to the Prosecutor.