Grandmother missing for 5 days, miraculously found alive in the river

A woman of 69, who disappeared 5 days ago, was found in the river bed, unable to move or speak, but alive.

The disappearance of Sandra Adams reported on 5 July her frustrated relatives who swept her house in North Carolina, but was unable to find a trace of the beloved grandmother. «We’ve been everywhere. We visited all the places she could be – the house of her friends, the bus stop,» he told InsideEdition 33-year-old grandson women Nate Cassel.

His mother, Gloria Adams went to the house of Sandra Adams to the day after US independence Day, but never found the mom. «The TV was on the table was an open Diet Coke with a straw in it, but it was not there,» — said Cassel.

His mother called the police. After that, family and friends gathered to canvass the area and distribute leaflets with a photo of the missing woman. Cassel said: «Oh, my God. We couldn’t sleep. I have lost my appetite. It was very, very, very hard. My mother was crushed. All day long she wept.»

Around the same time in Charlotte has been kidnapped by a woman and it was all over the news. «We didn’t know whether it was grandma, we thought it might be her.»

Older brother Nate Santonio and his friend decided to pierce the thickets behind the house grandmother. The trees were growing so densely that it seemed incredible that there could pass an elderly woman. But quite far in the Bush Santonio and his friend found Adams. She was lying on her stomach and didn’t move and it seemed that she was already dead.

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Nate, his mother and younger sister went back after talking with the police investigating the disappearance of their grandmother when Santonio hysterically called and shouted, «I found her. She is lying here dead!» He was crying. «I started crying too,» adds Nate. Then they heard the cry of another man: «Wait! I see how her foot moves! She’s alive!»

Nate, his mother and sister rushed to the place where I found my grandmother, when the doctors laid her on the stretcher. «I said, «Grandma,» and she replied «Soon»». She knew she should go to the hospital, says the man.

Now the woman is in the intensive care unit, where is recovering after suffering a stroke. Her family does not know how she ended up in the woods and what happened to her.

Her grandson said: «We expect that she will tell us what happened.» She opens his eyes and squeezes her grandson’s hand when he comes to visit her. The family explains that grandma has always been the core of the family, and it never happened anything like that. Now the family enjoys the reunion with grandma and relies on the fact that she’s completely recovered.