Miraculous escape: a cactus the size of a tree pierced the windshield of the car (photo)

This resident of Arizona certainly «lucky», because nothing but fantastic luck, not to explain what he was unharmed after such a trivial accident.

According to representatives of the Sheriff’s Department Pima County (Arizona), Wednesday, July 10, in Tucson near North First Avenue and East Agave Drive driver knocked down a huge saguaro cactus, which pierced through the windshield of the car.

Miraculous escape: a cactus the size of a tree pierced the windshield of the car (photo)Photo: The Northwest Fire District

As reported in the Sheriff’s Department (PCSD), in a terrible accident, the driver — 39-year-old Kai Scott did not hurt, escaped with a few bruises and scratches. And, most likely, a strong fear.

Upon arrival at the scene, police noticed that the man seemed disoriented and was probably in a condition of narcotic or alcoholic intoxication. Scott was detained. He faces allegations of damage to the cactus, as due to the active logging wild cactus, especially saguaro, Arizona adopted a law according to which everyone who is cut, cut down or in any other way will damage wild cactus, faces a sentence of up to 25 years in prison.

Miraculous escape: a cactus the size of a tree pierced the windshield of the car (photo)Photo: Pima County Sheriff’s DepartmentГигантский saguaro cactus — the most impressive desert plant, and its sharp thorns can cause serious wounds.

A plant the size of a tree grows in Mexico, California and Arizona. Relict species of the Sonoran desert. The height of the cactus can reach 18 meters (some 20 metres), the thickness of the barrel of the column is 65 cm the length of the spines from this cactus can reach 7 cm.

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Saguaro cacti are an integral part of desert landscapes of the southwest United States and a symbol of the Sonoran desert that stretched from Mexico to the southern borders of Arizona. To prevent the extinction of these giants were created Saguaro national Park.

As cactus pierced the windshield of the car and rammed her like a big log, that the driver remained alive, rescuers called «a miracle».