Police found the body of 18-month-old boy missing from the house aunt in Dallas

Police have cancelled the red alert declared across the state after the disappearance of 18-month-old Cedric Jackson from Dallas (TX) and confirmed information about the death of a child missing from the house of his aunt, Crystal Jackson, on Tuesday night. Informed sources reported that the boy’s body was found in a dump in the morning of Thursday, July 11.

Guy Jackson, Serica Johnson, detained in connection with the incident. Men have extensive criminal records, including, among other things, allegations of negligent treatment of children. After the disappearance of the boy to child protective services (Child Protective Services) took from the house Jackson 6 children aged 6 to 10 years. According to the CPS, two of them were kids and women, while four — Johnson.

#AMBERALERT: Authorities believe 1-year-old Cedrick Jackson is in grave or immediate danger. According to an Amber Alert bulletin, Cedrick was last seen in a diaper — no other clothing info. Suspect is a man in his 40s #Dallas #Texas pic.twitter.com/xWi8LNor1T

— Mariah Medina (@KSATMariah) July 11, 2019

Cedric was under the care of an aunt temporarily. According to Jackson, she put him to bed after 23:00, and the next morning, around 6:00, found that the child was missing, and immediately called 911. Wednesday, July 10, police announced a red alert in the state, saying that the boy may be in danger.

One of the children who lived in the apartment together with Cedric, said that he saw the night man, outwardly similar to the relative year-old Jackson. The police managed to find a man fitting the description, but the boy wasn’t with him. After that, the suspect was arrested in connection with a warrant issued earlier and not related to the search for Cedric.

«This is the worst thing what can face parent. said Jackson’s mother, Dichondra Thomas, after his disappearance — I <…> I just want him safe and to know where it was: we love him and hope he’s all right.»

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According to authorities, Johnson admitted that he had gone to the room to Cedric in the middle of the night, took it and threw it in the trash. His motive is not currently known.