Mother forced her daughter three years living in the bedroom next door with the body of the deceased grandmother

In Texas arrested a woman after it emerged that she and her minor daughter lived in the same house with the corpse for three years.

Sunday, July 14, at Sagina, located East of San Antonio (Texas), was arrested 47-year-old Melissa Crayton.

It happened once in one of the bedrooms of the house (only two bedrooms) were discovered skeletal remains believed to belong to the mother of the detainee, Jacqueline Louise Crayton.

<img src="/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2019/07/701ecf3e4ed286b3295467cd701ea206.jpg" alt="Mother forced her daughter three years living in the bedroom next door with the body of the deceased grandmother” />Photo: Seguin Police Department

It is unknown exactly how police found the remains.

Investigators believe that in 2016 a woman at the time of death was 71 years, fell in his bedroom and injured, but not life-threatening, but the woman needed medical assistance.

Delissa not called the doctors, and her mother died after a few days of lying on the floor.

The police said that Crayton and her daughter, who at that time was under the age of 15, three years lived in the house along with the body.

Crayton is charged with injury to a child, the inaction and failure to render aid, causing the child serious mental disorders, abuse of remains. The charges can lead to imprisonment for a term of 2 to 20 years and a heavy fine.

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The children’s advocacy Center Guadalupe County said the arrested daughter will get the help they need. The police are still conducting an investigation, it is expected that against Crayton will put forward new allegations.

Meanwhile, in social networks the Texans was much discussion of this story.

«I bet this so called «mom» never worked a day in her life, so she needed her grandmother’s checks to live on,» wrote one user.

«And I wonder, where were other family members?», — asked the other.