Pregnant, lost consciousness from the overdose and nearly died along with 2 children in a hot car, made a cesarean

Physicians had urgently to caesarean section of the pregnant woman, which was discovered in a hot car unconscious. According to the Sheriff’s office to Polk County, she had an overdose of cocaine.

According to officers, on Monday, July 15, around 16:00, they came to call the Publix Parking lot in winter haven (FL). Marsha Forrester, 36, was in the car leaning on the steering wheel, and did not react to external stimuli. With her in the car were two children, both under 5 years old.

Pregnant, lost consciousness from the overdose and nearly died along with 2 children in a hot car, made a cesareanPolk County Sheriff’s Office. According to Forrester, she stopped taking cocaine when pregnant and only recently returned to ruinous habit

Although the machine worked, the motor, the air conditioning was turned off: the inside temperature reached at least 37S (100F). At the time the police arrive the children sweating and crying, but fortunately was not seriously injured.

According to officers, they immediately realized that Forrester overdose — to the narrowed pupils and labored breathing. She was administered two doses of naloxone on the spot, and after a few minutes the woman came to her senses.

After that Forrester was taken to hospital where, because of the weak vital signs of the baby, did an emergency cesarean. At the moment the newborn is in intensive care. According to reports, his body had traces of cocaine. Boy’s condition critical.

Forrester told the officers that he had stopped using cocaine at an early stage of pregnancy, however, a few days before the incident, returned to the old habit and taken the drug twice. The second time she allegedly felt the fatigue, which previously with cocaine use have not experienced — and lost consciousness.

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«What happened breaks my heart and at the same time incredibly angry. — said Sheriff Grady Judd — Two kids and a baby that was born, was in danger simply because the woman needed a dose. She chose cocaine safety of children.»

«[Forrester] was able to kill not only himself, but three children. — he added — furthermore, one of them may still die. If that happens, we will seek to have her charged with murder.»

Currently, Forrester is in custody. She’s charged with two cases of neglect of parental duties.