The guy killed 17-year-old instagram-blogers, published a photo of the crime in social networks and tried to commit suicide

21-year-old Brandon Clark from new York state killed his girlfriend, instagram-blogger 17-year-old Bianca Devins from Utica, and then posted to social media a photo of her dead body and tried to commit suicide.

The picture quickly began to spread in social networks. It continued to repost even after the administration has removed the shocking scenes from the page of the suspect. On Monday, Instagram released a statement which says that the image was removed from the account @yesjuliet for violation of its policies and take action so that others could re-upload the image to a social platform.

The police arrived at the scene at 7 a.m. after one of the parents called, worried about your child. Clark, with incised and lacerated wounds, was found near the SUV on the road. He claimed that he killed his girlfriend and wants to kill himself. The suspect was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Next to the SUV, the police found the corpse of Bianca Devins. She was killed with a sharp object; the rest of the details of the incident, the police has not yet reported. The police also refused to comment on the photos from social networks on which the visible stab wounds on the neck of the girl.

According to some users of social networks, Bianca and Clark met in limbo. They have played together in several games, after which the guy started to chase Devins and decided to kill after learning that she plans to go to a rock concert with the other. Sister Bianchi claims that the killer was not just an Internet friend and a friend of the family.

An 18 year old was just murdered by a guy she met on the shell. He posted photos of her sawed off head on 4chan and chat logs from the shell indicate that he did it out of jealousy. She was going to a festival with another guy she met on the shell. That’s what I’ve gathered.

— Ian Miles Cheong (@stillgray) December 15, 2019

On Facebook Clark used the alias Brandon’s Kovaleski. The day of the murder he left a farewell note: «I’ll finish it today. I want to apologize to the family and friends who wanted me to have achieved something. I love you all.»

Clark published their photos with bloodied and cut-up hands next to the body of Devins, signing: «I’m Sorry Bianca». He also changed his biography on social networks, putting the date of death 14.07.2019.

17-year-old Bianca was a model, instagram-blogger, active member of the gaming and other online communities, as well as site sharing images 4Chan. Although some were originally described Devins instagram celebrity, the number of subscribers in one of the accounts girls increased to 50 thousand, only after her tragic death.

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Stepmother Devins asked to stop publishing post-mortem photos on the Internet out of respect for the family.

«Imagine what <…> again and again trying to comprehend what had happened; hope that an error occurred and your girl will be home soon. Now imagine what it’s like to see these pictures and feel like they are tearing you up inside. <…> Instead of always to share and save, share them with management of social networks. Better to honor the memory of [Bianchi], remembering what a wonderful girl she was.»

Twitter users reacted to the tragic incident and the subsequent publication of creepy photos with the hashtag #RIPBianca, Recalling that thousands of women die from violence every year — and this problem cannot be ignored.

On there was a petition with a demand to sentence Clarke to death. The day she collected 465 signatures, but some of the users were against the death penalty — saying that the guy should spend the rest of his days in prison.