The girl who wanted braces almost died from sepsis after removal of wisdom teeth

May 30, 20-year-old faith Vistors from the Lacrosse (Wisconsin) have removed all four wisdom teeth and 3 root, to put braces to correct the bite.

After the surgery she suffered from severe pain, so in the evening he asked his neighbor to take her to the hospital. The staff told the girl not to worry and sent her home with painkillers. But the twin sister of the patient he saw that faith is only getting worse, she looked good and her swelling was too strong, so the next morning they again went to the clinic.

«I was just sleeping, and between sleeping I was throwing up 12 times a day, told Metro US faith. -I could barely walk to the car. The doctors said if I’d waited another half hour, he would have been dead.»

At that time her body temperature was about 40.5 °C, and blood pressure was so low that the doctors could not give her pain medicine. She did a CT scan and hooked up to intravenous drips.

As found by the doctors of faith were sepsis — a serious complication from the infection. The girl immediately sent to the operating table.

After that, faith still three days spent in intensive care. She suffered from disturbing hallucinations and more painful swelling. The injured girl could not speak, write or even print on the phone because her hands were so swollen.

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«I had to learn to walk again. I couldn’t take a shower myself. I needed the nurse who’d helped me, says faith. I lost 25% of muscle and 25 pounds (11 kg) when he was in the hospital, so recovery will take a very long time.»

The doctors are unable to say with certainty why such a normal routine procedure has led to infection infection that nearly killed the girl.