New threat: «don’t make the alligators in metsatarov, flushing drugs into the sewer»

Police tn posted on Facebook warning post after having caught the criminal, flushing drugs down the toilet.

Officers arrested Andy Perry with 12 grams of methamphetamine, 24 oz of liquid meta and accessories for drug use. The man was charged with possession of substances with intent to sell and concealment of evidence. The suspect tried to get rid of the evidence, flushing the drugs down the toilet — but the attempt was unsuccessful. Now contains in Perry County jail Lawrence.

The record left by the police, contained a request not to flush into the sewer drugs and medicinal substances. As explained by the officers, they would not want to see alligators, evolving into Megatron.

«Ducks, geese and other poultry — a common inhabitants of ponds, and we think with horror about what they do meth. If the case will go far, we will create metsatarov in Shoal Creek on the Tennessee river in Northern Alabama. Over the past few weeks they had enough animals on meta without us».

Police assure that dispose of unnecessary medications and drugs in a safe way, if you bring them to the station.

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The sewage pollution of chemical and drugs — a big problem indeed. Scientists believe that the release of chemicals into natural water reservoirs reduces the population of local fauna and a detrimental effect on the reproductive function of animals, birds and fish.

Last year there were reports about the shellfish found in the opioids in Seattle and Bremerton.