In the States, my father accidentally killed 6-year-old daughter with a Golf ball

The tragic incident occurred on Monday, July 15, in OREM (Utah).

Died there 6-year-old girl after her head hit the Golf ball.

According to police, 6-year-old Aria hill was sitting in the Golf car (the Golf car) on the field at Sleepy Ridge, when her father struck the ball. The ball bounced and struck the child in the head.

In the States, my father accidentally killed 6-year-old daughter with a Golf ballPhoto: GoFundMe

«A 911 call was made around 10:25 am. The girl was taken to a local hospital in critical condition, and then the helicopter she was flown to children’s hospital in salt lake city, where she died from her injuries the same night,» he told channel KSL police Lieutenant OREM Trent College.

According to the College, the Golf cart was neither behind nor directly in front of the father of Aria. The car was between 45 and 90 degrees to the left of the father.

According to uncle of the deceased girl, David Smith, Aria often played Golf with his father.

«She loved doing it and had a great time. This was one of the activities that they did together. Something really important for father and daughter,» said the man.

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Steven Marett, chief specialist Golf resort in OREM, said that while he earlier saw on the field in the men flew the Golf balls, he’s never heard of anyone killed or even seriously injured.

«It is absolutely unimaginable, terrible tragedy,» — said Marett.

Police are investigating the incident, but, according to militiamen, the death of Aria, most likely, «a tragic accident».

On the GoFundMe page created for family raising money for funeral expenses.