American raped a 4-year-old girl in the bathroom of McDonald’s

A man from Oklahoma was arrested for having allegedly raped a 4-year-old girl in the bathroom of a fast food restaurant McDonald’s.

The alleged incident happened on Tuesday, July 16. Police Midwest city said that the victim girl went to the bathroom in the play area during a tour with his kindergarten.

American raped a 4-year-old girl in the bathroom of McDonald’sJoshua Kamatra obviate in rape of 4-year-old girl. Source: Midwest City Police Department

According to the chief of police Brandon Clabsa, noting that there’s no baby for about 5 minutes, a member of the kindergarten went to check if she was okay. When the maintainer tried to open the door to the bathroom, it was locked, and the questions went unanswered.

Soon came out of the bathroom 37-year-old Joshua Kamatra, saying that he «just washed my hands». According to the testimony of the employee of the kindergarten, the girl later told that the man touched it.

«It’s just a terrible situation for any parent, a child’s worst nightmare and, of course, for the kindergarten,» — said Celebs News 4.

Kamatra detained and accused of rape in the first degree, and indecent acts with a child.

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Later, the man told the police his version of what happened. According to Kabata, he became ill, and he knocked on the toilet before you enter. Then he allegedly threw up in the toilet while the girl was a witness to what is happening. After that, he washed his hands and left, says the accused.

In a statement, McDonald’s said they are «deeply concerned» and cooperate with law enforcement.

«For us, nothing is more important than the safety and wellbeing of our customers — said the company. We are deeply concerned about the incident in one of our restaurants in Oklahoma earlier this week. We fully cooperated with the police during their investigation.»