«I’m ready to go»: a few days before the death of the deceased in the United States, the Australian asked the mother to take her home

On Tuesday, July 16, at the foot of one of the buildings of the campus of George Washington University found the body of a young woman, allegedly, committed suicide.

A week later, the dead was identified as 27-year-old Megan Godfrey from Yungaburra (Queensland, Australia). At the time of identification to Megan for a week was looking for the mother who came for her daughter in the States after she asked me to help her return to Australia.

Godfrey sent from Washington a short email that consisted of one sentence: «Come and take me home, I’m ready to come back.» It was sent just a few days before the woman’s death.

Moving Megan to the States almost immediately turned into a disaster. On arrival she was robbed of her ID and wallet, and the Australian had to live on the street. By the time her mother arrived in Washington, Godfrey has stopped communicating.

Shortly before Megan was able to identify HER Resiliency Center, an organization that provides assistance to young women in distress — was published in a Facebook post asking for help in finding her. HER representatives claimed that the last time the Australian was seen alive, but «in a vulnerable state» at Union Station on Friday, July 19 — three days after her alleged suicide.

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«Please, help to share information [about a disappearance] with the others. — added to the organization, Its mother will stay here as long as Megan will not find.»

«I’m ready to go»: a few days before the death of the deceased in the United States, the Australian asked the mother to take her homeNamUS.gov. A sketch of Megan, made after it was discovered her body

To find out the identity of the deceased was not in the least thanks to the care of users of social networks. One of them said that sketch was found at the George Washington University women, the same top that was and Megan on one of the last shots. Another pointed out the resemblance Godfrey and the deceased. Soon after that the authorities checked the fingerprints of the unknown and finally realized that in the morgue Megan.

Formal identification is scheduled for Monday, July 29. After that the woman’s body returned home to Australia.