Andrew Golden, who at age 11 was shot by students of the school, died in a car accident 21 years after the tragedy

One of the shooters who opened fire on students and teachers at Westside Middle School in 1998, died on Saturday, July 27, in the evening in a car accident.

What happened

33-year-old Andrew Golden of the Jackson (mo), which officially changed the name of drew Grant, was driving a Honda CRV North on highway 167 near cave city (ar). 100 miles North of little Rock about 21:00 he collided with a Chevrolet Tahoe.

The driver of the second vehicle, 59-year-old Daniel petty, also died in the accident. According to state police (Arkansas State Police — ASP), three more, including a child, were injured and were taken to the hospital.

Patty moved out from its lane, crossed both lanes on the opposite direction and crashed into the front of the Honda, said in ASP.

Mass shooting March 24, 1998

The day 11-year-old Golden and his 13-year-old friend Mitchell Johnson pulled the fire alarm at Westside Middle School in Jonesboro (ar), and shot people during the evacuation. Then killed four children — 12-year-old Paige herring and Stephanie Johnson and 11-year-old Brittney Varner Natalie Brooks — and teacher Shannon Wright, who shielded a children. More than 10 people received injuries of varying severity. Their motives were never revealed. The investigators believed that the instigator was Johnson, who supposedly was fond of the occult.

Shooting at the festival in California: three dead – including a child – and runanywhere 15 people were killed (including the shooter) and 15 injured – by Gilroy Garlic festival in Gilroy in Northern California. The police confirmed the number of deaths at a press conference late in the evening …July 29, 2019, 04:56

The killers were tried as minors. This meant that in accordance with the laws of the state of Arkansas at that time, they will be in detention until they turn 21. As a result, the Johnson’s came out in 2005, and Golden in 2007. In 2017, the Craighead County judge has awarded the families of the victims compensation in the amount of $150 million.

Andrew Golden, age 11, was thought to be the follower. His parents were married postal workers. His grandfather was a Wildlife Conservation Officer; it was from him that the boys stole the 9 firearms and 2,000 rounds of ammo they planned to use in the attack.

— Glenn Sullivan (@clinpsychbook) July 29, 2019


The spouse of the deceased on the West side of the teacher, Mitch Wright, commented on the death of the man from his name and his son Zane:

«The news of the death of Andrew Golden today fills our family with mixed emotions, as I’m sure this happens with other families and students associated with shooting on the Westside. Mostly sadness. Sadness because of his wife and son, sad because of the same feelings of loss that we experienced… We pray for his wife and child have fully recovered».

On March 24, 1998, Andrew Golden, age 11, and Mitchell Johnson, age 13, pulled a fire alarm at their middle school near Jonesboro, Arkansas, and opened fire from a wooded area on students and teachers leaving the building, killing 5 and wounding 10.

— Glenn Sullivan (@clinpsychbook) July 29, 2019

Betty fuller, who worked as a teacher at the school during the shooting, also commented on the deadly incident. He said he was «very saddened over the loss of this young life, like any other student.»