The woman went on a trip to Hawaii to deal with the pain from the loss of her husband and crashed, falling off the cliff

A widow from Kentucky, 37, crashed, falling from a cliff in Hawaii. The tragedy happened on a very dangerous part of the route, known locally as Chutes and Ladders.

Along the ascent to the cliff stretched the rope to make it easier for tourists climbing. But local rescuers say that, despite this precaution, the path remains a very dangerous place for walking. In the area previously occurred accidents.

A woman fell from a height of 75 feet and died on the spot at the bottom of the gorge. It is not clear whether it is down at this moment, or rose. Lost is not the first time he came to the island and climbed the cliff; it can be called an experienced traveler. Perhaps the woman had slipped or released the rope from his hands. Rescuers were unable to revive her.

Fire chief County of Maui Val Martin said condolences to the Baker family, but hopes that her story will serve as an example to all the tourists who overestimated their strength.

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Jamie Nicole Baker, a physical therapist from Louisville, Kentucky, were 3-year-old daughter. Her husband, 35-year-old Lonnie Joshua Baker, died suddenly in June 2017. Family says she went on a trip to the island to heal the emotional wound after his death.