Mother left newborn baby in 35-degree heat on the porch of another house

A newborn girl wrapped in a blanket, found during heat waves in the town of upper Darby (Pennsylvania).

Local resident Terrell Phillips told channel NBC10 that found the baby on the porch of his neighbor in the 100 block of Englewood Road about 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday, July 30.

«At first I thought it was some kind of animal, but he approached and saw the child», said Phillips.

He immediately called 911. The day temperature in the city reached +35 Celsius.

«The girl slept. Not crying, just quietly lying. She still had the umbilical cord,» added the man.

“You can give a child up the hospital, to the police station to the fire house, to churches, to just about anybody.” The neighbors who found this little girl question why the mother didn’t use the safe haven laws if she was in trouble. @NBCPhiladelphia at 11pm.

— Aaron Baskerville (@ABaskerville10) July 31, 2019

The child was taken to the hospital district of Delaware, which the doctors assured that the girl will be fine.

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The house, on the porch where the child was found, a half mile from the police Department upper Darby. In accordance with the law of Pennsylvania a parent may leave a newborn baby without criminal liability at a hospital or police station if the child is not older than 28 days and he was not harmed.

Police are searching for the mother of the child, she can press charges. But after learning about this story, several families expressed a desire to adopt the girl.

Anyone with information about the identity of the girl’s mother, is asked to contact the police by phone: 610-734-7693 or send a message via email: [email protected].