Commuters twice spit in the other and he beat him until he lost consciousness

The incident occurred at the metro station Penn Station—34th in new York. A shocking video appeared in social networks yesterday, but it is not clear when shot video. The man in the video in winter jackets.

One of the passengers spits into the other, until the car doors closed. Offended by such insolence, the passenger tries to open the door — and at that moment his abuser again spits in it.

This clearly gave strength to the passenger inside the car, he exerted effort, opened the door and jumped out onto the platform.

The person who was filming the video, says: «He’s furious, he’s dead».

Man spits on the other Man in NYC and is hit with a surprise counterattack from r/PublicFreakout

After this spat, the man starts to brutally beat the offender, knocking him to the floor and throwing punches until, until he loses consciousness. In the background someone explains the cause of the quarrel and said, «He spat».

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In the end, the man gets off the offender picks up his cell and walks away, shouting curses to lying unconscious men.

The MTA and the NYPD has not yet commented on the entry.