Shooting in El Paso: Have information about 18 of the victims

The police of El Paso (TX) reported on the active arrow in the center in Walmart and Cielo Vista Mall are asking local residents to stay away from the shopping centre and streets of the Gateway East and Hawkins.

According to police, the shooter was not alone, and is still at large. At the moment it is inside Walmart. Affected up to 18 people, but the severity of their wounds is not known. Sources also report of 1 dead.

Scene is still Active. We have multi reports of multiple shooters. Please avoid area police conducting search of a very large area. Media staging will be given when area is secure.


At least 3 businesses in the area where the reported shooting temporarily closed — including diner, Red Lobster and Hooter’s.

BREAKING: Police are advising everyone avoid the Cielo Vista area as an active shooter alert is in effect near the Cielo Vista Mall area #ElPaso #ElPasoShooting

— Jorge Salgado (@SalgadoPhoto_) August 3, 2019

«Heartbreaking news. — commented on the incident, the presidential candidate and native of El Paso, Beto O’rourke — All those in El Paso: take care of yourself. Please follow the instructions of the emergency services until the situation is clearer».

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Truly heartbreaking. Stay safe, El Paso. Please follow all directions of emergency personnel as we continue to get more updates.

— Beto O’rourke (@BetoORourke) August 3, 2019

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