Patrick Crusius who shot 20 people in El Paso, wrote that the USA is «rotting from within», and wanted to kill Mexicans, they occupied the country

According to friends, 21-year-old Patrick Crusius was «irritable» and «reclusive» loner, who had a hostility to immigrants from Mexico. 20 minutes before the open in Cielo Vista Mall in El Paso shooting that took the lives of 20 people, he posted on 8chan document 2,300 words called «an Inconvenient truth» — a Manifesto, explaining the motives of Crusius.

Manifest of hate

«This attack — says the suspect was a response to the invasion of Mexicans in Texas. They started it all, not me. I am only defending their country from cultural and ethnic substitution, as the inevitable consequences of such an intrusion».

Crusius said that his aim in shooting will be the Hispanics, «trying to take over the government of my beloved Texas» to «organize a political revolution, which will accelerate the death of our country.» According to arrow, «the abundance of Hispanics» will make the state the «home of democracy», tip the balance in elections in their favor, and will be deprived of «local» jobs.

«What’s the point to let in millions of legal or illegal immigrants, allowing them to remain the tens of millions that are already here? continues Crusius — And this despite the fact that the invaders of the highest fertility rates among all ethnic groups in America.»

According to the Manifesto, a source of inspiration for Crusius was the massacre in the mosque in Christchurch (New Zealand), which killed 51 people and it is because of the «message» Brandon Tarrant, in which he supported supremacists conspiracy theory called «the Grand substitution», decided to make his goal of Latinos.

«The United States is rotting from the inside, — says Crusius and peaceful ways to stop is almost gone. The inconvenient truth is that our leaders — both Republicans and Democrats have failed us for decades.»

Despite the fact that Crusius for several years, openly supported the policies of President trump in social networks, the document said the shooter, his motives are irrelevant to the rhetoric of the incumbent and his «ideology» was formed long before trump won the election.

«Some will blame the President or any of the presidential candidates for what happened, but it’s not. You know, the media in any case, call me a white nationalist and blame rhetoric trump. Media are famous for their fake news and their reaction to the attack only confirms it».

Crusius also said that will probably die in a shootout with the police, or one of the «invaders» — and was assured that would prefer a similar fate arrest.

Contrary to the claims of Crusius that it had no effect the words of trump, in many of the statements the guy can notice the inherent Trump turns of phrase — such as «fake news» or «the ugly woman» — and to learn rhetoric, the President repeatedly called migrants from Mexico «rapists» who «bring into the country drugs and crime.»

«It would suck — he signed a Manifesto, published less than half an hour before the tragedy — but I can’t wait any longer. Do your thing, brethren, and tell them what happened, but only if the attack is successful. The media will try to distort my motives, but you know the truth! Most likely, I will die today. Continue the fight».

A Federal judge invalidated a policy trump banning illegal immigrants to provide refuge when you are abroad on Friday, August 2, a Federal judge in Washington, DC (district of Columbia) ruled against the administration’s policies trump, which would allow only migrants entering the U.S. legally to claim asylum. The policy of the administration, …signed on August 3, 2019, 08:00

NEW: El Paso shooting suspect mug shot just released, Patrick Crusius, 21.

— Daniel Borunda (@BorundaDaniel) August 4, 2019

«No it really didn’t»

According to sources, Patrick Crusius grew up in Allen — Dallas suburb with a predominantly white population, located 650 miles South of the shooting scene.

According to former neighbor of Crusius, Lee Ann Locasio, he was a «nasty solo» that is «especially no one talked.»

«He hasn’t talked to anyone. recalls Tony, son of Lee Ann, who went with a guy and his sister to school — No it really didn’t.»

Locatio added that Crusius loved animals and kept several hand snakes.

Another one of classmates, Jacob Wilson, remember Crusius «decisive» and «all the while trying to command» classmates. However, few have agreed to work with him because of the «irritable and explosive» nature, and many of their peers mocked Crusius from the way he talked and dressed.

«Every time I came to class, someone said that Patrick is a jerk,» he adds.

Lasted 20 minutes the carnage in the Mall, which on weekends attracts the inhabitants of the cities on both sides of the border, became the eighth in the list of most deadly mass shootings in U.S. history. Among the victims were 3 residents of Mexico, and six of the wounded Mexicans.

BREAKING: Photo taken showing the arrest of Patrick Crusius in El Paso today #ElPaso #ElPasoShooting #walmartshooting

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Authorities called the incident an «act of domestic terrorism» and plan to push Crusius accused of a crime of hate. The Prosecutor will seek for him the highest measure of punishment — death penalty.