Died in USA the teenager who was mauled by three dogs

Texas died, 16-year-old after early Saturday morning, August 10, he was attacked by three dogs.

According to Irving police, they received a message about the attack on E. Third Street at about 4:45 in the morning. When officers arrived, they saw three dogs that savaged the guy.

The police jumped over the fence to try to save him. Then the dog switched to the officers, biting one of them. As a result, the militiamen had to open fire on the dogs. They shot one animal so it had to be euthanize. The other two dogs were caught and taken to the animal shelter.

The teenager was rushed to Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas but died from injuries sustained in the attack dogs. As reported by the Dallas County medical examiner, the victim was 16-year-old Nelson Cabrera.

«I thank the officers because they took the initiative, jumping over the fence, and thinking about sacrifice more than himself» — said the press-Secretary of police of Irving Robert Reeves.

Police said that at the time of the attack the dogs were in the backyard of their owner, and the victim did not live in it.

«We don’t want to speculate on what he could do there, but we definitely don’t know why he was in this backyard,» said Reeves.

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Guillermo Lorenzo, the homeowner, told NBC DFW that Cabrera was homeless.

«He had no right to be in this yard. Nobody has the right to be in this yard. This is private property. That’s why there was a high fence,» said Lorenzo.

According to the owner, the dog was just protecting his home. Where was at the time of the attack Lorenzo — not reported. Also not specified what breed of a dog.

Irving police are asking anyone who has any information about this incident to contact them at the phone number: 972-273-1010 or write to [email protected] indicating case number: 1917970.