A teenager was badly burned, when during an experiment in chemistry class the teacher poured the burning banknote ethanol

15-year-old Malachi McFadden from Georgia suffered multiple third-degree burns in chemistry class.

The teacher demonstrating an experiment, set fire to a dollar bill in the bowl with ethanol, but then, instead of having to pour the fire with water, splashed it ethanol. Because the new portion of alcohol the fire broke out and became more intense, spreading to Malachi — which burns of face, head, arms and torso. 10% of the body of the boy burned. The boy was taken in serious condition to the hospital. He is still in intensive care.

The school did not call the teacher’s name. It is not known how long it works and why the student was so close to the fire during the experiment.

The management of the institution refused to comment, citing the unfinished investigation of the incident. The school district stated that this is an isolated case, but, nevertheless, they will review security measures to prevent a repetition in the future.

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