Video: in Massachusetts during the boat trip, the children met with great white shark

Family boat ride suddenly turned into a meeting with the shark, the true story filmed. Sean and Serena Colbert and their cousin Mallory faye, grew up in Cape cod Bay, but despite this, guys still in shock from the terrifying meeting on Friday afternoon.

«The shark definitely were not afraid of us,» said Serena Colbert.

They sailed close to Provincetown 22-foot boat.

«It was the biggest creature I’ve ever seen,» said Mallory faye.

«She was barely bigger than our boat,» added Selena.

Sean was just about to dive when the guys noticed on the surface of the water the dorsal fin.

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«When you see sharks on TV, you don’t realize how they are huge and fast,» said Sean.

On Monday a shark was seen several times. Beaches in Plymouth was closed for about an hour or so, when the white of the village broke the fisherman’s catch directly from the fishing line. Also some employees Harbour Cruise noticed a shark in the Bay of Barnstable.