18-year-old guy threatened a massacre, found 15 guns and 10 thousand rounds in the bedroom

A few weeks after the mass shootings in El Paso and Dayton, hit the country, FBI agents searched the house of a resident of Ohiowho allegedly threatened to commit another massacre.

Inside agents found more than a dozen rifles and 10,000 rounds.

According to the FBI Monday in Ohio was arrested 18-year-old Justin Olsen.

18-year-old guy threatened a massacre, found 15 guns and 10 thousand rounds in the bedroomPhoto: Mahoning County Ohio jail

He is online discussing the probable mass shooting in the offices of «Planned parenthood» (Planned Parenthood), an organization fighting including women’s right to abortion.

Olsen threatened with execution on iFunny, sharing website meme, where he used the name «ArmyOfChrist» and the image of the medieval Crusader avatar. He had more than 5000 followers, while the account is not banned.

During the search in the house of Olson where he lived with his father, had found many weapons, including 300 rounds of ammunition on the stairs, and another 10,000 rounds in the bedroom, 15 rifles, including the AR-15 rifle, 10 semi-automatic pistols and a machete in the car.

The boy told investigators that his posts were «just a joke», and mention of the shooting at the agents – only «exaggeration» because of the siege in Waco.

Father specifically dropped on the ground 5-month-old son, who did not want to fall asleep. As a result, the child hit his head and ameraican deliberately dropped to the ground, his younger son, who died after 5 days. On Friday, August 9, 35-year-old Matthew Heusser from Woodbury (mn) was charged with second-degree murder …August 12, 2019, 19:00

We are talking about the bloody standoff in 1993 between Federal agents and a religious cult, the Branch of David in Waco (Texas).

A sect accused of sexual abuse of children and illegal possession of weapons. In the shootings and 51-day standoff has killed 76 of «davidiana» and four Federal agents.

In the screenshots included in court documents, Olson relied on Waco as a justification of «shooting every Federal agent on the spot.»

Also the guy called his followers to stock up on illegal firearms.