In the USA three-meter alligator attacked a woman who was walking the dog

A resident of South Carolina is in the hospital after her late on Monday evening attacked by an alligator in sun city.

According to representatives of the County Sheriff Beaufort, 68-year-old woman (her name is not called), walking with dog, when suddenly emerged as if out of nowhere an alligator bit her leg and wrist. The woman said that the attacking alligator was a length of 8 to 9 feet (2.7 meters)

As reported in the Department of natural resources South Carolina (SCDNR), the woman was walking between the houses in the neighborhood and was about 25 yards from the nearest pond when the incident occurred.

In place immediately left law enforcement, rescue workers and paramedics. The victim was taken to the hospital of Memorial Health in Savannah. The woman’s dog was not injured.

According to SCDNR, the injuries of the victim are considered to be serious, but, fortunately, are not life threatening.

Professionals gators were able to detect a predator of this size coming out of the pond near the place where the attack occurred. The alligator was caught and euthanized.

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«Despite the fact that such incidents are rare, we encourage the residents and visitors to Beaufort County to be careful and to use caution while walking near the ponds and lagoons, especially at night when visibility is limited,» said the County Sheriff’s office.

This attack in South Carolina was almost exactly a year after an alligator killed a woman who tried to protect his dog on Hilton Head Island. 45-year-old Cassandra Kline was walking her pet in the residential area of sea pines, when she was attacked by a predator.