The American chain Best Buy is suffering from the robbers cut holes in the roof and coming down for prey on the ropes

What seems like a scene stolen from the movie spectacular, has left the police of Fayetteville, North Carolina, in the confusion after the strange robbery that was turned by thieves in Best Buy stores last week.

5NEWS reports that the suspects in the robbery cut a hole in the roof of the store of consumer electronics and related products, located on Joyce Boulevard. After that they descended from the roof and fled the scene with goods to thousands of dollars.

«They took a lot of computer equipment, some expensive equipment and much more. The roof was done a hole, and they went down on ropes to steal a lot of things,» — said Sergeant Anthony Murphy of the police Department of Fayetteville.

The hole in the roof is patched, but the suspects are still at large.

«The way this was done allows us to think that it did an experienced team,» added Murphy.

What seems like a heist out of a movie Fayetteville has left police baffled after a bizarre burglary took place at a Best Buy store last week

— KATV News (@KATVNews) August 13, 2019

A strange robbery took place on 8 August, and Murphy said that employees of Best Buy immediately realized something was wrong when the morning came to work.

«We have seen other incidents similar to this, at the stores of Best Buy across the country, when criminals used their «calling card» — they penetrated through the roof and carried away the same goods and products,» said Anthony Murphy.

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Shopper Best Buy Stephanie Warner stated that they were surprised by the level of training of perpetrators.

«This is a robbery reminded me of spider-Man. I can’t believe this is happening here in our district.»

As noted in the police, have not yet carried out any arrests and they can’t say whether they suspect someone. It is also unknown whether the robbery in Fayetteville, North Carolina, with other thefts in the stores of Best Buy, which record throughout the country.