An unusual find: Girl found in cocktail the rusty object and was ignored by the staff

For Saavedra Lewis, free time starts after 5 PM when the working day ends.

«The conference call has ended. Letters have been sent. I thought at that moment: «Time for a great Margarita»» she said.

According to Lewis the best kalali served at La Cantina Grill on Michigan Avenue, Chicago. But not this time. It Koksal, she found something unusual.

«I’m a little shook the glass,» she said. «I heard the ice hit the glass. After a few minutes the ice melted. But why do I still hear this sound? I poured the remaining drink and it was then that I noticed the screw».

Lewis took a picture of a rusty screw while I was waiting for the Manager.

«She didn’t even apologize» she said. «The Manager replied,»Well, what do you want me to say?» I didn’t even know how to behave. Just came home and wept.»

La Cantina did not take the money for the drink, but Lewis still wasn’t happy. So she reported the rusty bolt in the health Department of Chicago.

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The inspectors answered almost two weeks later, but did not found any device that was missing a screw. The owner of La Cantina says that the officers conducted an investigation and also found nothing. Establishment owner after the inspection was skeptical and he was not sure that the screw was in General. .

The inspectors have published a report on the visit to La Cantina after complaints from Lewis. The restaurant passed the inspection with some nuances, but none of the issues not touched on the broken equipment.