A man met a woman in Facebook, drugged, raped and videotaped

In Florida arrested a 37-year-old man from Burnsville who committed sexual violence against a woman when she was unconscious, took photos and video and accidentally sent to his girlfriend one of the pictures.

Daniel Desir was on the run since then, but in July he was accused of rape, but on Tuesday, he was arrested and placed in County jail Manatee.

A man met a woman in Facebook, drugged, raped and videotapedPhoto: MANATEE COUNTY SHERIFF’S OFFICE

According to court documents, Desir met the victim through Facebook and have a date.

Before you go out for a drink, he gave the woman three tablets Suboxone. Then they went on a date, and when the woman began to feel sleepy, then asked Desira to take her home.

The last thing she remembers, according to prosecutors, this is another glass of wine before you lose consciousness.

The victim woke up the next morning and saw that there are no clothes. Two days later, the woman called a friend Desira, who said that he accidentally sent her a Nude photo of the victim on the bed.

Shortly after this Desire came to this friend to recharge the phone in her house. She agreed, and when the man left, the friend found in his phone a few pornographic images and videos, including the video, as Desir rapes a woman unconscious.

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A friend copied the images and videos to your phone and transferred them to law enforcement.

For the arrest of the men, a warrant was issued, but Desir started to run. Last Tuesday found him.

According to prison records, the man was already brought to trial for beating, domestic violence and breach of a conditional sentence.