Passengers of the new York subway terrorized by giant mantis

On the sixth metro line, passing in the Bronx and Manhattan, there was a giant praying mantis, frightening, unaccustomed to such neighbors of new Yorkers.

Late trains, cancelled trips and huge insects, to think!

Metropolitan Transportation Authority or MTA (transport company engaged in transportation in 12 counties in the southwest new York and in 2 regions of Connecticut) on Tuesday suffered yet another pest infestation in the subway when a huge praying mantis decided to ride with the passengers.

City Council member Keith Powers was in the sixth metro line, when another passenger alerted him to the fact that it sits very close to the long-legged insect.

Keith immediately protect themselves, but had time to tweet a photo, which shows a huge insect sitting on the wall of the train car and watching the scene with his cold black eyes.

«Like most new Yorkers, I’m terribly afraid of huge mantis in the subway, but still was relieved when he didn’t scream «it’s Showtime!»», tweeted Powers, clearly alluding to the omnipresent artists, which so often today can be found in the subway.

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Like most New Yorkers, I’m frightened by the gigantic praying mantis on the subway but also relieved that he didn’t yell “It’s showtime!”

— Keith Powers (@KeithPowersNYC) August 13, 2019

Other new Yorkers said the man in a social network the same horror. «Damn it! You can tell a city Council member?» wrote one user of the social network.

And the speaker of the city Council of new York city and a member of the city Council from the 3rd district Cory Johnson, who suggested that the city ran the subway, mentioned chief Executive officer of the Department of transport of the city of new York Andy Byford. «Andy Byford continues to improve the metro and make more of an effort,» he joked on Twitter, commenting on the incident with the giant mantis.