Mother accused that she left the child locked in a hot car and went shopping at Target

Passer-by had to break a window to rescue baby locked in hot car while his mother was shopping in Target.

Mother accused that she left the child locked in a hot car and went shopping at TargetHolly Platt. Source: Chandler Police Department

On Tuesday, August 13, around 16:30, the police of the Chandler (AZ) arrived at 3777 S. Arizona Ave. According to police, the man who called to report the incident, said the car was locked, and the child inside was crying and seemed to be sweating.

Manager Chandler Fire advised the witness break the window and get the baby out of the car. At that time the air temperature was +44,5°C. Arrived at the scene rescuers, said the baby’s fine, with the exception of high blood pressure.

His mother, Holly Platt, ran into the street — leaving their three children to the store — after her name was announced on the radio. The record said the woman told officers that she accidentally forgot the child because other children distract her purchase.

After reviewing records from the surveillance cameras of the shop, investigators have determined that the baby was in the car for 18 minutes before he was rescued.

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The officers gave all the kids father, and then arrested their mother. Now she is in the Maricopa County jail for suspicion of ill-treatment of children.