The Manager of a jewelry store alone fought the robbers, who were beating him with hammers (video)

The Manager of a jewelry store was able to repel the robbers who tried to steal the jewels from his shop in Santa Monica, California.

The video was filmed by a surveillance camera located in the jewelry salon, which bears the ironic name of the Heist, which can be translated as «Robbery». The survey demonstrates how one of the suspects in a hoodie covering his face quickly ran into the store and starts to beat the Windows, behind which are hidden the jewels of his hammer.

The shop owner does not hesitate for a second. He boldly attacked the armed suspect and was even able to push him outside of the salon.

But in that moment to help first arrived, a second suspect, also in hiding the face clothes. He punched the store owner in the back the second hammer.

However, the Manager of the salon is an attack from behind didn’t scare, and he continued to fight with both guys. At some point he pulled a jacket from the first suspect. He immediately realized that now we see his face and tried to hide behind. Then both men fled the scene.

Later the police said that the men jumped in the car accomplices, which was intended to escape, and disappeared.

The store Manager said that the men fled empty-handed, and didn’t carry anything of the precious things.

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He added: «They were caught because the guy who was sitting on the street in my Tesla, our customer, saw them running down the street and followed them. He followed their car all the time supported telephone communication with the police.»

Due to this, the officers finally managed to track down 3 suspects and make an arrest. Another suspect, who, according to the police, did not have time to sit in the car accomplices, was also arrested.

It is reported that three of the boys are minors. They all faced charges of robbery and assault.