Freak accident: during the car wash man moved and killed his wife

The new Yorker is in a terrible state after he accidentally backed over and killed his wife during a car wash.

Family members said 50-year-old Marcos Salas is a terrible psychological condition after a terrible accident, which killed his wife, Isabel Ramirez, Cohetero, 51. The accident occurred at the BP gas station in the area of the Pond in Queens, new York.

Geplaatst door Marcos Salas op Maandag 26 november 2018

Most mourners gathered at the family home , refused to comment.

Salas and his wife washed his car, a Jeep Commander, a gas station about 12.15 PM, police said.

They got out of the car to make it dry. Just at that moment, Salas realized that he did not put the car on the handbrake and rushed to the helm. Instead of the brake, the man pressed on the gas and moved my wife.

Woman unconscious and was taken to medical center Wyckoff Heights with serious injuries, but upon arrival she was pronounced dead.

«Suddenly sobbing man ran into the room shouting: «My wife, my wife, my wife is in serious condition. Call an ambulance»,» said 51-year-old Firoz Khan, an employee of BP.

He added: «I went outside and saw lying on the ground woman . Her head was turned to one side and his feet in protivopolojnuu. I saw the workers put her on the stretcher … she was not moving».

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Family members said they are devastated by this incident, and added that they are doing everything possible to support Salas.

The son of the couple said that the father was «still crying» and trying to talk.

The man, who called himself a brother of the victim, said, «This is a family matter, so we don’t want to talk about it. It was an accident».

No arrests made, the investigation is still ongoing.


Freak accident: during the car wash man moved and killed his wifeCredits: Peter Gerber